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About Anik

For over 50 years, Anik has been a trusted source for dairy products in India. Owing to the brand’s fine production and quality standards, its products have been a favourite across north Indian homes and businesses. Being sourced from the famed region, Malwa, Anik’s products are the finest in terms of purity, nutrition, and taste. Anik is also renowned for its milk powder which meets international quality standards and is exported to several countries.


In 2016, Lactalis acquired Anik, where it opened up enormous opportunities in the biggest and most challenging dairy market in the world to position it as the most preferred brand in India. The traditional and cultural experience of Anik and international expertise of Lactalis provided a unique combination, leading to a success story to be talked by generations to come. Lactalis is a family-owned dairy group based in Laval (Mayenne), in the west of France. In 1933, André Besnier started up his cheese-making company. The group sells products in over 180 countries and has 229 production sites across the globe. Lactalis is the largest dairy group in the world with turnover of over 17 billion Euros.


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