Top 5 health benefits of consuming brown ghee that you just cannot ignore

Among all the various dairy products that are consumed on a regular basis in India, ghee occupies a special place in our kitchens and hearts, and no, this is not just due to the earthy and salty flavours that they bring to the table, but due to the health advantages that they offer as well. Nowadays, a great amount of importance is being placed on the ghee benefits for skin, hair, and overall health that we can obtain from regular consumption of the same. 

While conventional cow ghee is what we used for most applications over the years, constant developments and innovations in this field have brought forth the introduction of several products and commodities, and as it turns out, brown ghee is the result of such developments as well. Brown ghee benefits for skin and health are certain aspects that are sought out by many in this day and age, and that is something that’s aiding in their popularity more than anything else. 

Physical benefits of brown ghee

Strengthens digestion: 

Brown ghee can be put to a wide range of uses, but one of the prime health benefits that it brings to the table is improved digestion. Our modern lifestyles have managed to take a toll on our digestive health, and ghee can essentially turn some of that around. 

Ghee benefits for skin:

Not only is ghee a good source of good fatty acids and antioxidants but acts as a natural emollient as well. Through the regular consumption of brown ghee, one can lock in the moisture that is available to the skin naturally, heal damages and develop a glow that would be simply unrivalled. Now, the interesting fact about these advantages is the fact that they can be obtained through consumption, as well as through external applications. 

Fortifies bones:

Ghee is a good source of vitamin K, and for all those who may not be familiar with it, we would like to point out that it is vitamin K that aids in the absorption of calcium in our bodies. Through the increasing action of calcium and vitamin K, we can expect to gain a firmer skeletal structure.

Ghee aids with weight loss:

While milk products and milk solids aren’t really related to weight loss, the manner in which ghee works is quite a bit different from the rest there is. Brown ghee is a major source of good fatty acids, and once consumed, it can be said that it helps with the burning of the excess accumulated fat there is, thereby helping in cutting them down in an effective manner. 

Ghee can be used as a treatment for burns:

As far as ghee benefits for skin go, this is one of the more important ones out there. Dermatologically speaking, ghee is quite stable and effective, and the fact that it has a high smoke point means that it doesn’t release free radicals easily. They can be applied to the burnt area to help with faster healing of the skin. 


Brown ghee has managed to establish itself as one of the best health aids out there, and Anik’s brown ghee is one of the finest out there when it comes to gaining ghee benefits for skin and body. Get yours from a store near you today.

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