How to use Skimmed Milk Powder in different ways?

Skimmed milk powder is a popular dairy product that is made by removing the water content from fresh milk. There are many skimmed milk powder benefits. It contains the same nutrients as liquid milk, making it a great source of nutrition for those who prefer to consume dairy items without consuming too many calories. What many people don’t know is that skimmed milk powder has a variety of other surprising uses in everyday life, making it a versatile and valuable ingredient in any household. 

Explore some of the most surprising uses of skimmed milk powder:


Coffee and Tea:

Skimmed milk powder is a great option for those who want to consume dairy items without consuming too many calories. It can be added to coffee and tea to make them creamier and richer without adding any extra fat.


Adding skimmed milk powder to your smoothies can take them to the next level. It not only enhances the taste of your smoothies but also makes them creamier and gives them a velvety consistency. Skimmed milk powder benefits you by making your smoothies highly nutritious without increasing the calorie count.

Ice Cream:

Skimmed milk powder is a prominent ingredient in making ice cream. It improves the consistency and makes it creamier. It is low in fat but a great source of protein, making it a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream ingredients.


Skimmed milk powder is rich in protein and low in fat, making it an excellent addition to soups. It can make your soup highly nutritious and provides the body with proper strength. It also makes the consistency thicker and creamier.


Adding skimmed milk powder to puddings improves their flavour and texture and gives them a creamier touch. It is a great way to utilize skimmed milk powder in everyday life.

Mashed Potatoes:

Adding skimmed milk powder to mashed potatoes can give them an extra fluff and creamy texture. Just add a teaspoon of skimmed milk powder to your recipe and experience a rich, delightful taste.


Skimmed milk powder is an essential ingredient in the making of cereal. Adding it to your cereal can provide the necessary nutrients and help maintain a balanced weight.

Chicken Stock:

Adding skimmed milk powder to chicken stock while cooking can provide a perfect and desired thickness to it. Also, skimmed milk powder can benefit you by increasing the nutritional value of the chicken stock, making it the best choice for health.

Low Carb Flavored Coffee Creamer:

Low-fat coffee creamer made with skimmed milk powder is a healthy alternative to full-fat coffee creamer. It fulfills all the needs of people who do not want to gain weight or consume too many calories.

Whipped Cream and Cake Toppings:

Skimmed milk powder is an excellent ingredient for making whipped cream and cake toppings. Adding one or two teaspoons of this milk powder can give the desired velvety and fluffier texture to your cake topping.

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