What are the Benefits of Full Cream Milk?

Here are the benefits of Full Cream Milk

Full cream milk is also known as whole milk. The fat ratio present in this type of milk is equivalent to the average fat ratio of milk, which is 3.5%, because it is pure cow milk. You can find both pasteurized and UHT full cream milk in the market.

Anik Full Cream Milk Pouch two products
Anik Full Cream Milk Pouch two products

1 cup of full cream milk contains: 

  • 3.25 % of fat in milk 
  • 149 calories 
  • 7.9 g fat 
  • 4.6 g of saturated fat
  • 7.7 g protein
  • 11.7 g of carbohydrates.

It also contains many other essential vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of full cream milk

1. It is a good source of Calcium

One of the most obvious benefits of drinking whole milk or full cream milk is the high calcium content. It is essential for your bones to develop and grow stronger. Further, calcium facilitates your heart muscles to pump blood. When you get injured, calcium plays a crucial role in enabling blood to clot. Besides your bones, calcium helps to strengthen your immune system as well. 

2. Helps to decrease the chances of obesity

Want to lose weight? Drinking a cup of whole milk every day can help you to lose weight significantly. This is because drinking a cup of milk can make you feel full. To keep your hunger pangs satiated for longer hours, you can mix chocolate powder in this creamy milk as well. This will reduce your food intake and help to keep your weight under control. However, you have to keep in mind that you do not end up consuming excessive sugar. Too much sugar can have the opposite effect. 


3. Helps to maintain Healthy Teeth


Your bones and teeth contain the maximum amount of calcium present in your body. Hence, drinking plenty of whole milk is very beneficial to your teeth. It makes your teeth stronger and prevents them from getting chipped or damaged. Experts suggest young kids drink milk a couple of times a day to prevent cavities and tooth decay. However, you must keep in mind that your body cannot absorb calcium without vitamin D, which is also present in abundance in whole milk or full cream milk. 

If you want to buy good quality full cream milk, only buy from trusted best milk brands in India like Anik. It is one of the top milk manufacturers in India and sells various other premium-quality dairy products at very reasonable rates.

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