10 Prominent Health Benefits of Drinking Anik Milk

Loaded with essential nutrients, drinking a glass of fresh milk is often considered equivalent to having a wholesome meal. As Indians, we’ve all been narrated the benefits of fresh milk by our mothers and grandmothers. Such narratives have been doing rounds in most Indian households for generations. And they’ve been right all along. People all over the world have been enjoying this nutrient-rich beverage for ages

There’s a long line-up of milk brands in India, and most of them claim to be the best. Amongst a wide range of such brands, Anik has established itself as one of the leading milk brands in India. Anik has been a trusted source for quality milk and milk products in India for over 50 years. Among all its offerings; fresh milk, full cream milk and double toned milk continue to be the most popular ones. With its wide range of milk products, Anik is widely considered to be the best source for high quality milk in India. To further explore the factors that make

Top factors that makes Anik the best milk brand in India:

Anik one of the best milk brands in India, let’s look into the most prominent health benefits of drinking Anik milk.

Milk Products in India - Anik Dairy
Anik gold full cream milk pouch, Anik balak double toned milk pouch, and Anik chai kadak milk pouch products

A Rich Source of Calcium

The calcium content in Anik milk does a lot more than just strengthening your bones. A Harvard study suggests that calcium plays a crucial role in making your heart pump by allowing the muscles to contract. Protecting you from bleeding to death every time you cut yourself, it enhances the blood’s ability to clot. Along with bone health, calcium also promotes dental health.

Promotes Dental Health   

There is nothing better than milk for optimum dental health. Rich in calcium, milk helps your teeth stay strong and prevents damage. Studies suggest that having a glass full of milk every day can help prevent tooth decay and cavities.

 Promotes Heart Health

The nutritional composition of full cream milk which includes a range of vitamins, minerals, protein, bioactive peptides and fatty acids is known to promote heart health and prevent several cardiovascular risk factors.


Minimises Cancer Risks

Studies suggest that drinking milk can effectively reduce the risk of cancer in both men and women. Enriched with vitamin D, calcium and conjugated linoleic acid, milk is known to have various anti-cancer effects.

Promotes Cognitive Health

Low-fat and double toned milk have been known to enhance brain power and prevent symptoms of cognitive decline. The vitamin B12 content in milk plays an important role in maintaining optimum cognitive health. 

Promotes Weight Loss

Anik milk is an excellent source of vitamin D and calcium, which are known to have a fat-burning effect on the body. The protein and water content in milk keep you feeling full for long periods of time, which prevents you from over-eating. 

Builds Muscles

The body requires protein to build up muscles and Anik milk is one of the best natural sources of quality protein. Hence, a diet that includes an apt serving of milk is highly effective in helping you build muscles.

Helps You Sleep Well

Milk is known to contain tryptophan; an amino acid linked to inducing drowsiness. The body converts this amino acid into serotonin, which makes you feel sleepy. The calcium content in milk helps the brain produce melatonin; a sleep inducing hormone. Thus, a glass of milk before you hit the bed can help you sleep well.

Boosts Hydration

When it comes to refuelling your body and keeping it hydrated throughout the day, milk is widely considered to be among the best options. A great post-workout beverage, milk helps the body to replenish electrolytes and rehydrate the body after exercise.


Improves Hair Health

Milk is known to have all the necessary minerals, protein and calcium required for faster and stronger hair growth. It also serves as a great conditioner and moisturizer that repairs damaged and dry hair.

The rich and diverse nutritional composition of Anik milk makes it a valuable addition to your diet. Serving a wide range of health benefits, it has established itself as the most reliable source for quality nutrition across India.

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