Benefits of Including Curd in your Daily Diet

Curd is one of the staple food items in Indian kitchens. It is commonly used in various curries to make them thicker and more creamy. Moreover, curd is required for marinating meat and kebabs. Few people eat curd as an accompaniment with their daily meals because of its taste as well. However, curd is not used just for enhancing the taste of various dishes.

Mentioned below are a few dahi benefits:

1. Better Digestion

One of the biggest dahi benefits is that digesting curd is very easy and can be consumed by lactose-intolerant people as well. Further, it contains probiotics that help in the digestion process. Additionally, experts suggest eating fresh curd when you have an upset stomach. 

2. Better for your heart 

It is important to eat healthy to have a healthy heart. Eating thick curd regularly is a healthy habit because the health benefits of curd include reducing the cholesterol level in your body. This helps to reduce the chances of high blood pressure and hypertension. Make sure you eat a small bowl of curd every day. 

3. Lose weight faster

When people do not exercise and start living a lazy lifestyle, fat starts accumulating around the waistline. As a result, you start getting obese. Eating plain curd helps to lose weight by reducing the production of cortisol in your body. Also, you stay full for a longer period of time after consuming curd. Hence, your calorie intake decreases as well. 

4. Provides energy to your body

After you get tired and exhausted, you should consider eating plain curd. It is rich in various vitamins and minerals that replenish the body and boost your energy. Always consume a little bit of fresh curd after an intense workout session because it functions as an antioxidant and helps to recover your body faster.

5. Stronger bones and teeth 

Thick curd has all the nutrients available in milk. Hence, it has a high calcium and phosphorus content and makes your bones and teeth stronger. Consuming curd regularly can help in avoiding diseases like arthritis as well. Experts suggest eating one bowl of curd with every meal. 

6. Better immune system 

Curd contains live microorganisms that are beneficial to your body. These microorganisms increase the disease-fighting white blood count in your body and enhance your body’s immunity. Hence, consuming curd will help to stay fit and avoid illnesses. However, all types of curd do not have probiotics. Check the label for ‘live active culture’.

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