Know Difference Between Cow Ghee vs Buffalo Ghee

Ghee is one of the staple items in an Indian kitchen. It enhances the taste of the dishes and adds a beautiful aroma that will make you salivate. However, its benefits do not end there. Ghee has various Ayurvedic benefits as well. It is used in herbal preparations for strengthening your immune system and treating various diseases. From keeping your body warm during winters, treating the common cold to improving your skin, the benefits of ghee are endless. Additionally, ghee is considered sacred among Hindus and used in many rituals.

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Ghee is prepared by heating butter and separating the liquid portion from the fats. There are two types of milk used in this process, cow milk and buffalo milk. Cow ghee vs buffalo ghee nutrition benefits differ from each other.

Key differences between cow ghee and buffalo ghee


The easiest way to identify if the ghee is made of cow milk or buffalo milk is by checking its colour. It will take just a few seconds to determine the ghee type. While pure cow’s ghee has a yellowish colour, buffalo ghee is white in colour. 

​Nutrition Contents

The nutrition content of the best cow ghee and buffalo ghee is very different. Cow ghee has a high nutrition content and is very beneficial for your health. The high amounts of saturated fat help in providing your body with more energy. Approximately, one tablespoon of pure cow ghee has 7.9 grams of saturated fat. Besides that, it has antiviral, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. On the other hand, the content of buffalo ghee is 100 percent fat. 

Is it good for children

Pure cow ghee has several health benefits and can be consumed by people of all ages. Even kids and old people can benefit from consuming premium cow ghee. Cow ghee contains vitamin D that helps in improving your immunity system. Further, vitamin D regulates your insulin level and boosts weight loss. People who exercise or do a lot of physical work can enjoy the buffalo ghee benefits

Effect On Skin

The best cow ghee contains a lot of antioxidants. It helps to retain the glow of your face. Further, ghee keeps your skin soft and moisturized and prevents dryness during winters. Cow ghee is beneficial for treating various skin diseases as well. Buffalo ghee can also be used for treating chapped lips, dull skin, dry skin and dark circles.

If you want to buy premium cow ghee or buffalo ghee, choose renowned brands like Anik only that sell pure cow ghee and buffalo ghee.


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What is difference between cow and buffalo ghee?

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