How is milk powder produced?

There are plenty of reasons behind drinking fresh milk regularly. To begin with, it contains calcium that helps in bone and dental development. Moreover, it helps in muscle development and provides energy. Milk also contains various essential elements that help in improving your body’s immune system. You can drink any type of milk to enjoy the milk benefits. Just make sure that you consume good-quality fresh milk. Although many people think powdered milk is not as beneficial as whole milk, it is a misconception. You can enjoy all the benefits by adding it to your daily diet as well. Only moisture is extracted from the milk while making powdered milk and not other essential elements. 

Milk Powder: the production process

To produce milk powder, milk is first passed through the evaporator. Nearly one-third of the water is extracted from milk when it passes through it. This is when the milk is pasteurised. Pasteurisation is a process where milk is heated to a certain temperature for some time and then brought back to its initial temperature. It helps in killing bacteria present in the milk that can harm your body. During this process, the nutritional value of the milk does not drop. The UHT pasteurisation method is not used for making milk powder as milk powder already has a long shelf life. 

After the pasteurisation process is over, the milk is then concentrated. It happens in the spray towers. The pasteurised milk is atomised in the spray chamber and the evaporated water is passed outside through the exhaust. Consecutively, the dry powder in the chamber settles down. It is then moved through a hygienic lock into a different area. This is where the product is dried and cooled again. Finally, it is moved to the storage silos or the packaging line.

The exhaust air that forms in the spray dryer chamber is not wasted. It contains beneficial residues. Experts store this residue by depositing them in cyclones and filters. It is then passed to the same area where the product is dried and cooled again. 

You will require a lot of milk for producing a small amount of milk powder. Therefore, the particles in milk powder are concentrated and have all the essential nutrients to benefit your body. Any type of milk can be used for producing milk powder, whole milk, double-toned milk, or skimmed milk. If you are buying, just make sure that you buy good quality milk powder. You can easily do it by purchasing milk powder from the best milk brands in India, like Anik. We take pride in providing the best milk in India at very affordable rates. 

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