Cow ghee or buffalo ghee : Which is a healthier variety?

Ghee is widely used in India. People love using ghee in various recipes because it enhances the taste. Moreover, ghee has many health benefits. You can consume and apply it to various parts of the body.

Ghee is popularly available in two variants; cow ghee and buffalo ghee. You must not randomly choose any option. This is because both variants have different nutritional properties. Also, they taste different. You should always be aware of these differences to make the right decision.

Here are the differences between cow ghee and buffalo ghee:

  1. Appearance

The appearance of both variants is the biggest difference between cow ghee and buffalo ghee. A person can easily tell them apart by seeing them. Their colours are quite different. The colour of buffalo ghee is white and cow ghee is yellow. The presence of beta-carotene in cow ghee gives it its yellow colour. Beta-carotene benefits your body in various ways, like improving your eye health, preventing free radical damage, etc.

2.  The nutrition value

One of the major differences between cow ghee and buffalo ghee is their nutritional value. Although both variants are good for your health, one will benefit more than the other. The high concentration of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals makes buffalo ghee a great choice for your health. However, in cow ghee vs buffalo ghee, cow ghee is more nutritious. Besides being a great source of all the elements present in buffalo ghee, cow ghee is an antioxidant. Also, you can improve your skin and hair quality by applying it.

3.  Easy to digest

Many people have weak digestive systems and cannot consume everything. In such cases, one will have to be careful while consuming buffalo ghee. It takes longer to digest. There are no such issues with pure cow ghee. This is because cow ghee has a lower concentration of fat. Your digestive system can easily digest it. Moreover, cow ghee can improve your gut health and facilitate digestion.

4.  Weight management

When people want to gain weight, they are recommended buffalo ghee. This is because the high concentration of fat helps to gain weight faster. Athletes or bodybuilders can consume buffalo ghee as they exercise more than regular people. Cow ghee is better for people who do not want to gain weight. In fact, you should consider consuming it if you want to lose weight. The aforementioned points make it quite obvious that cow ghee is a healthier choice in cow ghee vs buffalo ghee. If you want to buy cow ghee, choose brands like Anik only. We are one of the top ghee brands in India and sell our ghee at very affordable rates.


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