How to Choose Best & Quality Ghee Brand in India

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is widely consumed in India. You will find it in every kitchen.
This is because the best ghee in India adds more flavour to your delicacies. Further, it has many
health benefits and can help in improving your immune system. However, it is important that you
use the best quality ghee to enjoy the benefits. Consuming adulterated ghee can affect your health
in various ways.

Here’s how you can determine the quality of ghee

1. Heat it
This is one of the simplest techniques you can consider to determine the quality of the ghee. Just put
a teaspoon of ghee in a vessel and heat it. The best quality ghee will start melting immediately and
turn brownish. However, if your ghee takes time to melt and does not change colour, you should
change your ghee brand.
2. Put it on your palm
If you do not have access to a stove and want to check the quality of your ghee, you just have to put
a teaspoon of ghee on your palm. This test is very simple and takes only a minute. The best quality
ghee should start melting after coming in contact with your body. This is because of your body heat.
If the ghee does not melt even after a few minutes, the ghee is not pure. You should consider opting
for a different ghee brand.
3. Test for coconut oil
The ghee is commonly adulterated with coconut oil because it is difficult to identify. However, you
can determine the purity of the ghee by taking a test. Place a pan filled with water on the stove and
place a glass jar in it containing ghee. Now, heat slowly and allow the ghee to melt. After melting,
put the glass jar in the refrigerator for some time. If the ghee contains traces of coconut oil, two
separate layers will form in the jar.
4. Test for Vegetable Oil
Put a teaspoon of ghee in a jar or bottle and add a pinch of sugar to it. Now, close the lid of the
container and shake it hard for some time. After allowing the mix to settle for five minutes, open it
and check the colour of the ghee. If you see red colour, it means that the ghee contains vegetable
5. Choose renowned brands
If you do not want to go through the trouble of taking a test to determine the best quality ghee, it is
best to buy only from renowned ghee brands.Anik dairy is a great option you can consider for the
best ghee in India. It was voted as the Number 1 Ghee in Consumer Voice (A Non – profit
organisation). Anik dairy ghee is very tasty and has many health benefits as well.

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