Can Fresh Milk be Frozen?

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Anik Full Cream Milk Pouch, Anik Toned Milk Pouch, & Anik Standardized Milk Pouch products

Consuming fresh milk can benefit you in several ways. You should include it in your daily diet.
However, this does not mean you will have to drink a glass of fresh milk every day. Making
recipes with milk can benefit you as well. You can use it as the primary ingredient like in
smoothies or as a secondary ingredient like in baking. Besides getting lots of options when
choosing recipes, you get various options when selecting the type of fresh milk as well like cow
milk, sheep milk, buffalo milk, and different plant-based milk types. However, a common query
is found in all types of fresh milk users. Can fresh milk be frozen?
Guidelines for freezing milk
You can freeze most types of milk available in the market. However, you will always have to put
the milk in an air-tight container that is completely safe for freezing. This will help to save space
and prevent the risk of the milk package tearing. Also, there should be some extra space left
after you put the milk packet inside the container so that the freezing milk can expand.

Here is what happens when you freeze milk:

Almond milk:

Almond milk is a plant-based option that gets separated and grainy when frozen.
Human breast milk: New mothers often get extra cautious and avoid using frozen milk.
However, that is not required as consuming human breast milk after freezing is completely safe.
The fat separates and you may notice some harmless changes in the taste and smell.

Coconut milk:

If you have canned coconut milk, you should never freeze milk in the can.
Always pour it into a bowl and freeze. The frozen milk may separate.

Dairy milk:

There will be no issues if you freeze cow milk. However, you might notice some

Soy milk:

Freezing soy milk will have the same effect you will notice in most other milk types.
There is a chance that it might separate.

Evaporated milk:

Evaporated milk is commonly available in cans. You must never freeze milk in
the can. Use a separate container for freezing canned evaporated milk. Also, it may separate.

Sweetened condensed milk:

Sweetened condensed milk is also widely available in cans. You
must never freeze milk in that metal can. Also, sweetened condensed milk has a high sugar
content that prevents it from turning solid completely.

Oat milk:

If you freeze oat milk, the frozen milk may separate and become grainy.

All these types of milk are beneficial to your health. They have various essential nutrients
required to develop your body and brain. Make sure you choose trusted brands like Anik only for
buying good quality milk.

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