Indian Flavoured Milk Offers More Nutrition than Other Sports Drink

They do not like the smell and taste of nutritional milk, which is why they always avoid drinking it. As a parent, it is important for you to ensure that your kid gets all the essential vitamins and minerals. Hence, if they do not drink nutritional milk, you can offer them an alternative that will provide your kids’ bodies with all the nutrients. Instead of offering them nutritional milk, you can give them nutritional flavoured milk.

Here’s how flavoured milk stacks up against other sports drink

Flavoured milk is a great substitute for milk. Compared to most sports drinks available in the market, flavoured milk is a better choice for your kids. This is because there are many
flavoured milk benefits and sports drinks do not contain the essential nutrients required for
kids to grow and develop at an early age. There are many other disadvantages of sports
drinks as well. Since flavoured milk has the same nutritional value as regular milk, it is a
great choice for kids. To begin with, flavoured milk benefits include a high concentration of
calcium. Calcium will help in developing strong bones and teeth. Also, other essential
elements like vitamin D strengthen the immune system of the body. A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to various health issues like blood pressure or hypertension, low HDL Cholesterol, and metabolic syndrome as well.

Why does flavoured milk benefit you more than sports drinks?
● Since flavoured milk alternatives like soft drinks and sports drinks contain more
sugar, it is a better alternative.
● Flavoured milk contains many nutrients that are essential for your body.
● It helps in the development of your bones and muscles.
● The elements present in flavoured milk fasten the recovery process of the muscles
and bones after damage.
● After exercising, drinking flavoured milk can provide you with instant energy.

Is flavoured milk better than fruit juice?

Although fruit juices are very healthy for your kids, it is not a better option than flavoured
milk. Compared to the nutritional value of fruit juices, flavoured milk is more beneficial to
your kids. Flavoured milk contains various essential components like vitamin A, vitamin D,
vitamin B5, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B2. Common fruit juices like orange juice do not have such a high nutritional value.
Even if you drink flavoured milk, you must always keep in mind that you should avoid any
local brand. Many local brands add lots of artificial flavours and sugar to flavoured milk for
making it tastier. Instead of benefiting your health, they might harm it. This is why you must only trust renowned brands like Anik while purchasing flavoured milk.

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