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If you ever tasted buttermilk, you will know that it does not contain butter. Buttermilk is
made using the leftovers after milk is churned into butter. This delicious beverage is
popularly consumed in the northern parts of India. Since it has a bland taste, people often
add various spices like cumin seed powder and chilli powder to make masala chaach. The
dry weather during the summers makes your body dehydrated when you spend long hours
outdoors. Also, there are various other health issues that you may experience during
summers. Drinking the best buttermilk will benefit your body and provide relief from
various conditions.

Here are various health benefits of buttermilk,
mentioned below are a few:

1. Reduces the risk of acidity

This is one of the most well-known health benefits of buttermilk. Acidity is a common issue
that many people across the world face. Masala buttermilk or masala chaach proves to be
very beneficial in combating acidity. Whenever you feel acid reflux in between meals, just
drink a glass of buttermilk for relief. Buttermilk helps in the digestion process and improves
your digestive system. As a result, the risk of acidity decreases. Moreover, many people add
various ingredients to masala buttermilk to enhance its taste and make it more beneficial to
health. Condiments such as dried ginger or pepper are great options for adding to your

2. Facilitates bowel movements

If you experience trouble in passing bowels or suffer from constipation, you should add
masala buttermilk to your daily diet. Drinking masala buttermilk can benefit you
significantly. Since it has a high-fibre content, it will facilitate your bowel movements.

3. Cools down your body

Dehydration is not the only thing you have to worry about during summers. Staying
outdoors for long can heat up your body and cause various health issues. You may
experience a burning sensation in your stomach as well. The health benefits of buttermilk
also include cooling down your body. By cooling down your body and stomach, it can
provide you with instant relief.

4. Keeps your body hydrated

If you go out during summers, the chances of dehydration are very high. Dehydration can
cause many health issues and cause discomfort. To prevent your body from getting dehydrated, you must drink a glass of buttermilk or masala chaach. The best buttermilk
contains electrolytes that prevent water loss from your body. As a result, your body stays
hydrated even when you go outside in scorching heat.
The health benefits of buttermilk are endless. If you want to buy the best buttermilk, avoid
buying from local sellers and only choose trusted brands. Anik is one of the best buttermilk
sellers in India. Its masala buttermilk is not only delicious but also has several health
benefits. Moreover, the price of Anik masala buttermilk is very reasonable.

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