Milk Powder – Types, Ingredients & Recipe

What is Milk Powder?

Storing fresh milk is difficult as it has a very short lifespan. This is why people shift to milk
powder. Since it has a very long lifespan, you can easily store it at home. Milk powder is not
very different from fresh milk. It is produced by partially removing water from fresh milk. The
process is called the spray drying process.
Milk powder is beneficial in various ways. It has almost the same nutritional content as regular milk and benefits your health. Also, carrying milk powder is easy. You can carry it with you when travelling long distances with kids. People commonly use fresh milk powder for preparing many delicious recipes and some use it for beautification and bodily purposes as well. However, you can only benefit from good quality fresh milk powder. Make sure you buy it from renowned brands like Anik.

Types of Milk Powder

There are different types of fresh milk powder available in the market. Make sure you choose
the right one when buying:

Skimmed milk powder

– As the name suggests, skimmed milk powder is made using skimmed milk. The fat concentration in this fresh milk powder type is very low. People trying to lose weight prefer this variant.

Whole milk powder

– Whole milk powder is made by partially removing water from whole milk. The fat concentration of whole milk powder is higher than other milk powder types. This is ideal for people who exercise a lot like athletes.

Buttermilk powder

– Buttermilk powder is made using the milk residue formed while churning milkfor butter. This milk powder type is used as an ingredient while baking items like biscuits and cakes. Many people use it for sauces and soups also.

How healthy is milk powder?

As mentioned earlier, the primary ingredient of milk powder is fresh milk. Hence, the nutritional facts of powdered milk are similar to regular milk. Since there are different types of milk, the nutritional facts may differ depending on the type of fresh milk used.

Mentioned below are the nutritional facts of whole milk powder:

● Carbohydrates 12 g
● Sodium 119 mg
● Vitamin C 4.6%
● Cholesterol 31 mg
● Iron 0.8%
● Calories 159
● Vitamin A 6%
● Potassium 426 mg
● Calcium 22%
Gulab Jamun recipe

There are many milk powder recipes you can make at home. Gulab Jamun is one of the easiest options you can try. Here is how you can do it:
You need – 3 tbsp milk powder, 2 cups of gulab jamun mawa, 3 tsp corn flour, and ¼ cup maida. Put them all in a bowl, mix, and knead them properly. Once done, make small balls from the dough. There should not be any cracks. Put ghee in a non-stick pan and heat it. Fry the balls in it on low flame until they are golden brown. Take them out and leave them in your sugar syrup for an hour.

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