Best Ways To Eat Curd

Curd is an important part of the Indian diet. Not only is it delicious but it comes with many health benefits. Besides being delicious, there are several curd benefits for health that you just can’t ignore While many people simply consume a bowl of healthy curd, others prepare various recipes that require curd. The best curd  is available in both sweet and salted options. If you are making any recipe with curd, you can use it as a primary or secondary ingredient.

Curd recipes that can be easily made at home

​Make a dip

Making a dip is one of the best ways to eat curd. You can use it instead of mayonnaise or any
other high-calorie dip that is commonly served with snacks in households. This will help you to
lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Using thick curd and adding some flavour to it will
certainly make it an ideal alternative. To make a dip, wrap curd in a muslin cloth and hang it
overnight. This will help to get rid of the extra water. Now, you can add various ingredients like
mint chutney, chilli flakes, crushed garlic, mustard sauce, etc. depending on your preferences.
Do not forget to add salt to taste. This type of dip goes well with finger food, fresh veggie sticks,
and crackers.

​Use it as a spread

Besides using curd as a dip, you can use it as a spread as well. This is also one of the best
ways to eat curd. Swap it with your regular cheese spread or mayonnaise as the best curd
can be a lot healthier. You do not have to go through a lot of trouble to prepare the spread. Just
follow the instructions you followed when making the dip. You can add shredded carrots,
cucumber, red or yellow bell pepper as per your preference to make it the best curd spread.
This will allow you to enjoy the curd benefits when eating sandwiches and burgers without
compromising on taste.

Add curd to your salad

People love eating salads. It is one of the healthiest recipes you can make to stay fit and
healthy. However, many salads contain mayonnaise. This can be unhealthy if you are trying to
reduce your calorie intake. Instead of adding mayonnaise, use healthy curd in your salad. Mix
it with veggies like lettuce, sprouts, cucumber, par boiled carrots, tomatoes, roasted peanuts,
boiled corn, etc. to make a healthy and delicious salad.
If you want to make great curd recipes, you will have to buy the best curd available. There are
many curd brands in India. To buy healthy curd and enjoy all curd benefits, you must choose
brands like Anik only.

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