Cow Ghee vs Buffalo Ghee: The Surprising Truth!

You will find two types of ghee commonly in India; cow ghee and buffalo ghee. Both types differ in many aspects, including taste, aroma, appearance, etc. You can choose any option depending on your preferences.
Contrast between cow ghee and buffalo ghee

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1. Colour

The most obvious difference between cow ghee and buffalo ghee is colour. You can easily identify them from their colours. While pure cow ghee has a yellowish shade, buffalo ghee is white. This colour difference exists because cow ghee contains beta-carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A.

2. Nutrition

The nutrition components of both types are different. Buffalo ghee is a great source of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. However, cow ghee is more nutritious. It is a great source of calcium, vitamins, and various minerals. Additionally, cow ghee is a great natural antioxidant and can prevent free radical damage. Applying it can benefit your skin and hair as well.

3. Digestion

Pure cow ghee is more beneficial to your gut health and can be digested easily compared to buffalo ghee. This is because the concentration of fat is lower in cow ghee than in buffalo ghee. Moreover, people with a weak digestive system can consume cow ghee as it will help to break down the food. Adding cow ghee to your daily diet can prevent constipation as well.

4. Shelf life

The cow ghee shelf life and buffalo ghee shelf life are not the same. You can store buffalo ghee longer than cow ghee. This is because of the higher concentration of fat present in buffalo ghee. However, both options have a long shelf life.

5. Price

Even though both options are affordable, cow ghee costs more than buffalo ghee. The reason behind its high price is the milk-to-ghee ratio. Cow milk has a lower milk-to-ghee ratio compared to buffalo ghee.

6. Impact on weight

It is crucial that you choose between cow ghee and buffalo ghee, depending on your weight. If you want to gain weight, buffalo ghee is a better option because it has a higher concentration of fat. On the other hand, people trying to lose weight should consider consuming cow ghee. The concentration of fat in cow ghee is lower, and it contains more conjugated linoleic acid(CLA). CLA reduces the chances of weight gain by improving your metabolism and keeping insulin levels low.

Whether you want to buy cow ghee or buffalo ghee, it is crucial that you buy pure ghee. Anik sells nutritious ghee that will enhance the taste of your food and benefit your health. Get yourself a ghee packet today!

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